We practice our trade honestly, fairly, and with the highest respect for our clients and workforce







We are easy to work with, smart, flexible, and responsive, delivering top quality construction projects that meet all desired timelines.  Our exceptional client service and technological savoir promises to leave clients worry-free throughout a project, providing them with regular reports, cost loaded schedules and progress updates, pre-construction conferences, quality assurance inspections, and post construction after action analyses.  JBrennon is process-driven and committed to excellence in the office and field, proactively pushing and pulling information to stay ahead of issues or problems that could cost customers unnecessary time and money.  We can adapt to any budget, but we cannot compromise quality of construction, safety, or supervision. 


Our company employees and subcontractors are fully insured and carry General & Pollution Liability, Workers' Compensation, and Automotive Insurance policies at or above industry minimums--the protection of clients' and our own investments is paramount in an industry riddled with legal challenges. Clients can be confident that our construction administration will be full and complete from start to finish--from subcontract administration to submittals to lien waivers to pay applications, JBrennon's standardization and technologically driven processes far exceed and with greater value businesses of larger size and manpower capacities.







Our policies and procedures form the bedrock from which we perform and manage our projects.  JBrennon is committed to a culture of constant improvement and efficiency.  Often, we update our policies and procedures that can be found below and also incorporated within our subcontractor terms and conditions, work orders, and short-form contracts.  Client specific guidelines will be provided under separate correspondence and/or be requested directly.





We work with companies of all sizes.  From larger General and Specialty Contractors to smaller businesses like ours, we believe in creating and capitalizing on construction opportunities that might not otherwise be available without shared capabilities and resources.  As a Native American, minority owned, SBA (8a) General Contractor, we welcome partnerships where minority participation is required on specific jobs or large multi-year award contracts.  Likewise, JBrennon actively seeks Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOB) and HUB zone companies willing to pool resources together and compete for set aside contracts across general construction and the mechanical and electrical trades.  Contractors looking to partner should contact us to receive a sample teaming agreement.





We are passionate about serving Federal and quasi-Federal government agencies. Our Veteran employed staff is testament to our loyalty to country and commitment to serving beyond the uniform.  JBrennon has proven a great asset to all its Federal clients and become a preferred Contractor by several.  Current clients include Centers for Disease Control, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Redstone Arsenal, and Y-12 National Security Complex.  We provide all traditional, general contracting and construction services to include demo, framing, drywall, painting, acoustical ceilings, glass, millwork, fire protection, mechanical, electrical, and flooring; However, we specialize in highly technical industrial and commercial style projects involving the installation of Secure Compartmentalized Information Facilities (SCIF), chillers, mechanical, HVAC / plumbing, control systems, fire protection and alarm systems, underground utilities, site work, erosion control and repair, concrete cutting, and epoxy coat applications. We are highly skilled and experienced in the preparation of project proposals, hazard analyses, safety plans, quality assurance plans, Davis-Bacon and other Union specified wage and labor agreements, certified payroll, cost-loading schedules, and more.  Our construction administration takes priority and we dedicate individuals to ensure contract officers and construction field representatives are hassle free.  Our capability statement is available upon request.





Our subcontractors are the company's most valuable asset.  Without them, we cannot do our work, and more importantly, without forming solid relationships with both new and old, we cannot do it well.  JBrennon's subcontractors must practice the highest levels of moral integrity and professionalism both on and off the job--our reputation depends upon it.  JBrennon requires subcontractors to read and understand its policies and procedures and sign a master, general terms and conditions agreement or short form contract, depending, in order to perform any work.  Importantly, they govern the way we do business, the expectations we have of all subcontractors, and the manner in which we perform work.  Contractors wishing to subcontract with our company may contact us for a complete signing package.





JBrennon forever seeks new talent to join its ranks.  Many full and part-time employment opportunities exist and our flexibility is endless.  Primarily, we seek qualified candidates in the following positions: 


Project Manager

Project Coordinator / Admin

Safety Officer

To qualify for employment, download and review the below application, consent and release forms.  Potential applicants should contact JBrennon directly for an electronic signing package.