Working under a single contract, we collect clients’ requirements, review them, make suggestions, and translate them into an integrated, value-based scope of work that they and our group of architects, engineers, and sub-contractors can understand and execute without confusion.  We have helped countless landlords and tenants develop their scopes of work and budgets within the confines of landlord work and tenant allowances, redeveloped shopping centers using cost-effective construction methods, and provided creative engineering to avoid costly architectural costs.


We offer detailed estimates based upon plans and specifications presented by the client, assessing the site location when necessary.  Formulating an expected cost summary based upon materials, equipment, and labor, the proposal will also outline a notional timeline from beginning to end and include an extensive, line item scope of work.  Utilizing only the most qualified subcontractors and in-house personnel, JBrennon’s bids reflect the industry standard or better, delivering high-quality analysis of project scopes and the required resources to mitigate against change orders.


Our experienced team can also review clients’ contractor bids and ensure a full scope of work is captured based upon the plans and specifications for delivery.  Some clients utilize this service to formulate future budgets, guard against emergent requirements, reconcile pricing with unknown, out-of-town contractors, and protect themselves against general price gouging in the industry.  While we would love the opportunity to bid all clients’ work, our consulting services offer clients with preferred contractors a sanity check before signing a contract. 

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