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Hobbs Brown
Assistant Project Manager

Born in Atlanta, GA Hobbs grew up in Kennesaw and graduated from Kennesaw Mountain High School in 2011, later earning an Associates degree in General Studies from Georgia Highlands in 2014. After spending seven years in the aquarium industry, where he managed and oversaw high profile clients and commercial grade projects that ranged up to three quarters of million dollars, he transitioned to property management  and commercial /industrial construction.  Hobbs has worked with companies including Alcon, ARCO, CBRE and Hillwood Development.  Now, Hobbs serves as an Assistant Project Manager and Business Analyst. Hobbs enjoys fitness activities, sports, and traveling.


John Ford
Superintendent / Project Manager

John Ford, JBrennon’s most positive and vivacious character, provides field oversight of its commercial/industrial projects. Possessing a resume of experience comprising restaurant, metal building, landscape, and grocery store ground-ups and renovations, John’s expertise in both the field and office run the gamut of projects. His capability project managing from the field permits him to implement efficiencies immediately—his foresight and project planning a strength not often found in the field. During the Christmas season, John works as a Santa Claus. He loves class rock and 80s hairband music, traveling with his wife, and spending time with his kids. 



Gary Ford

Superintendent / Project Manager / Quality

Born and raised in Northern California, Gary graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Heald Engineering College in San Francisco, later earning a M.S. from Stanford University in Construction Management.  Gary holds a certificate in Contractor Quality Management from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and provides JBrennon with field production QA.  Gary began his career as a Structural Engineer building substructures for the San Fran Bay area Rapid Transit system, later transitioning to various roles including Superintendent, Estimator, QA Manager, Field Engineer, Project Controls, and Contract Specialist in both the private and Federal sectors, specifically, the Dpt of Energy, building hydrologic structures, concrete-lined canal systems, pumping stations, water/sewage treatment plans, water parks, and water retention facilities.  Gary enjoys woodworking, restoring historic houses, and international travel.

 You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream BECOME reality.  


a family-owned and operated business that has earned recognition for undertaking large, complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for their clients, employees and community. 


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Brennon Smith, Sr.
President | Owner

Brennon is owner and President, a senior executive leader with 42 years of extensive experience in commercial, industrial, and retail construction development throughout the southeastern and mid-western U.S.  He possesses 20+ years, direct field-site construction supervision and 28+ years of design-build delivery, estimation, property acquisition & development, property management and maintenance, leasing, and construction management experience. Involved with 1600+ construction projects since entering the industry in 1979, his expertise spans industry sectors. Studying Business, he attended Jacksonville State University and the University of Alabama.  Brennon enjoys log fires, fine cigars and wine, and spending time with his grandchildren.


Brennon E. Smith, Jr. (Brent)
Chief Financial Officer | VP Operations

Brent grew up in construction and possesses 15+ years of project management  and executive level staff experience in both private and federal sectors.  His attention to detail and mission oriented focus have earned JBrennon the repute it carries today.  Brent brought Lean 6 and systems based management to JBrennon, applying it to every aspect of the business including field operations.  A Reserve Marine Lieutenant Colonel with 18 years of military service, Brent continues to bear the torch for American freedom.  He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and holds two B.A.s in Political Science and History from the Honors College and possesses a M.S. in Information Management and Technologies.  He enjoys waterfall hiking, functional fitness, running, and reading.


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Shelby Smith
Chief Relationship Manager | Senior PM

Shelby began his journey in the construction industry as a laborer, similar to his older brothers, and found himself in the field as a Superintendent by 2018.  Transitioning to project management and Client Relations in 2020, Shelby added tremendous value to the company's capabilities.  Having traveled the world and worked abroad in Germany, England, and Bulgaria as a fashion brand sales and marketing representative, Shelby's depth of knowledge and experience has provided him a unique ability to negotiate many of the company's deals with both clients and subcontractors.  Shelby is a graduate of Kennesaw State University and holds a degree in Psychology.  He enjoys practicing yoga, traveling, the outdoors, cooking, and community building.


Saul Pena

Process & Workflow Manager

Integral to JBrennon’s operations, Saul serves as Process and Workflow manager, specializing in information management, data analytics, and in-house programming. A Dalton Native, Saul naturally attended Dalton State College and in 2020, obtained a B.S. in Mathematics and Associates Degrees in Physics and Computer Science. His focus, intuition, and attention to detail have catapulted him to a position of invaluable and irreplaceable resource and skill. Saul speaks fluent Spanish, enjoys horror fiction, the outdoors, and spending time with family.


Vinson Williams
Accounting Specialist / Business Analyst

A proud native of Houston, Texas, Vinson found his way to Dalton after graduating from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2020. Vinson studied corporate finance en route to becoming a Business Analyst and Accounting Manager at JBrennon. Throughout his childhood, Vinson demonstrated a knack for numbers and a notable curiosity for economics. He provides financial advice and service to the company enabling its CFO to focus on macroplanning and contract management. Vinson enjoys boxing and catfishing the Tennessee River.

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Jim Green
Project Manager / Chief Safety Director

Born and raised in California, Jim brings a wealth of construction knowledge and experience to the table, having worked as a union journeyman laborer in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, an OSHA certified construction safety professional, and an ES&H data analyst. Jim serves as a Project Manager for JBrennon and provides oversight of its Safety program and plans. Heholds a B.S. in Liberal Studies and several safety certifications. He speaks fluent Russian and conversational German, is a Navy Veteran, plays the French horn in amateur orchestras, and enjoys the hobby of Ham radios.


Dallas Jenkins
Project Manager 

A Georgia Tech graduate, Dallas is a civil engineer providing in-house experience on its ground up projects.  After working for large construction firms including Choate & VCC, Dallas transitioned to Project Management, collaborating on jobs ranging in value between $200k and $60M in value.  A true business developer, Dallas also provides critical marketing to clients and sub-tiers alike.  He is adept at contract writing, material procurement, and scheduling.  Dallas is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys weight training, sports, and spending time with family.

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Ed Neidhardt

A New Yorker at heart, Ed actually hails from Tennessee, moving to the Big Apple as a teenager.  Working for a few big name contractors throughout his career including AECOM Tishman and Holt Construction, Ed join JBrennon out of retirement in 2020.  Experienced with both horizontal and vertical construction, Ed spends most of his time on JBrennon's Federal  portfolio of work.  Ed is experienced coordinating field staff, general safety oversight, and developing work plans in the field to get the job done.  Ed's friendly demeanor and great sense of humor puts the field at ease.

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Stanley Smith


A former pastor and preacher, Stanley 's life has always been the church, but he's worked in construction for his family since the 1980s.  Stanley’s commercial and industrial construction experience comprises ground-ups and additions and renovations in both private and public sectors. A tradesman at heart, he specializes in drywall, millwork, plastering, stucco, and trim. His work experience extends to PEMB construction, underground wash stations, commercial office and dental center build-outs, and Federal laboratory work. Stanley holds a PhD in Ministry, a Masters of Theology and Ministry, and is a trained musician and music director.  He enjoys his grandkids, ministerial work, dogs, and telling jokes.

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Tony Flynn

From southern Michigan, Tony began his construction career at age 13 in a family business installing water, storm, and sewer lines.  A union carpenter by trade, he transitioned to field supervision following a long career as a foreman.  Tony possesses 43+ years of construction experience in supervisory and management roles.  Skilled in project planning liaison and quality control management, Tony provides field supervision on an array of projects in JBrennon's portfolio.  Tony is skilled in material takeoffs, building codes, and local municipality administrative and  construction procedures.  In his spare time, he enjoys farming, livestock, bee keeping, riding Harleys, wood working and flea marketing.

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Ron Rinear


Ron's journey in construction began as a furniture maker out of Diamonds Oaks Trade School, located in Cincinnati, OH.  Traveling the US with his father, he built custom cabinetry for large outfits.  At age 20, Ron started his own business and built homes until taking a break to focus on his boxing career.  Ron remains undefeated, 22-0, representing Evandale Golden Boxing, during his years as a fighter.  Later, Ron continued with construction as a Superintendent on ground-ups and renovations.  Ron enjoys the simple things, working, church, and spending time with his wife and sons. 

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