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21-077 | CDC NIOSH Replace Unfired Steam Generators

Morgantown, WV | August 2022 - June 2023

The CDC NIOSH Morgantown facility possessed three natural gas fired boilers providing steam to two adjacent buildings. The existing boilers produce high steam pressure (60 psi) for domestic hot water, heating water, sterilization and low-pressure steam for the two clean steam generators for humidification. The steam piping network on campus comprises many controls and devices installed for safety purposes. CDC required JBrennon to replace two existing clean steam generators inlet and outlet gate valves, and appurtenances with in-kind units, flash tanks, and insulation of high temperature exhaust pipe from the building. Replacement of the units included all isolation valves (not included with package units) and fittings necessary to tie the new replacement units back into the existing steam (in and out), condensate, soft water piping and pressure relief. Due to some design challenges, this project extended past its planned period of performance to accommodate installation of additional components necessary for a functional system.

Note: Interior / Exterior identifying building photographs are not permitted at this location.


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