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22-022 | Mezzanine and Interior Structure Demolition

Updated: Feb 18

Pittsburgh, PA | Oct 2022 – Mar 2023

The Federal work project comprised demolition of a three-story steel and concrete, mezzanine structure within a warehouse building set on deep footings/pedestals. JBrennon’s scope required torch cutting of steel and removal by excavator, indoors. The job required precision and care due to electrical, steam, and water pipes mounted 12” – 16” from the steel structure to be demolished. Additionally, an overhead crane was disassembled and removed to the ground, cut in pieces, and recycled. Following clearance of the interior structure, JBrennon performed saw cutting and removal of the 3,800 SF slab and trench drains between 24” – 48” in thickness. Many areas required pulverization with a hydraulic hammer. Additive scope included replacement of an overhead door motor for the existing roll-up door approximately 16’ x 20’.

Note: Stock Photo - Photographs of the site are not authorized for publication.



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