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21-070 - Bubbakoos Liberty Township

Liberty Township, OH | March 2022 - June 2022



The build out included new partition walls prior to installation of all underground sanitary and overhead hot and cold-water supply, gas lines, and electrical lines throughout. Following all wall-rough inspections, we utilized local subcontractors to deliver an excellent product with all typical Bubbakoo’s wall and floor finishes. A new Captive-Aire kitchen hood system and exhaust were supplied and installed by JBrennon. Typical to these build-outs, JBrennon installed new stainless steel, corner guards, stainless caps, trim, and new lighting package. Additionally, JBrennon coordinated with Owner vendors to ensure provision of graphics, Pepsi Fountains and coolers, furniture, and other assorted kitchen equipment were installed concurrent with close-out and certificate of occupancy.



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