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23-115 | Columbus Oral Surgery Refresh

Columbus, GA | Dec 2023 - Feb 2024



This interior dental, oral surgery office refresh began as an emergency call to repair water damaged finishes within the interior oral surgery space due to a broken water line and the inability of the doctor to find a local contractor. JBrennon was referred by Patterson Dental due to its longstanding relationship with the dental equipment provider and work performed together on a variety of other dental office build-outs and renovations throughout Georgia. Outside of the requisite repairs, JBrennon’s in-house design team helped the doctor work through new wallpaper options, wood trim, paint colors, and artwork selection. JBrennon worked late nights and weekends to avoid disturbing the Surgeon and his office staff during regular business hours. The scope of work included floor prep, installation of new LVT flooring material throughout damaged areas, drywall repair, interior painting of walls and doors, wallpaper installation and repair, and installation of wooden base and shoe mould. JBrennon was able to make all necessary repairs to bring the business back to life while maintaing operability of the doctor's staff. Uniquely, JBrennon worked direclty with the doctor's insurance adjuster to provide documentation of damage and required repairs in order to complete the claim process. Should you are your firm wish to obtain assistance from JBrennon for similar repairs or refreshes after a loss, feel free to contact us and complete one of our project forms by clicking here.



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