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22-069 | Tire Discounters Kennesaw

Kennesaw, GA | Sep 2023 - Feb 2024


A longstanding client with JBrennon, Tire Discounters direct awarded yet another remodel to JBrennon last year in 2023. The existing Captain Kleen oil-change facility was not up to code to stock tires, so the aim was to demise a portion of the facility and install two new smoke evacuation units on the roof top. The scope also included the removal of existing oil pit inserts, backfill of stone with concrete pourback, reskimming of the exterior stucco surface, all new interior lighting, new interior painting of walls and ceilings, and miscellaneous relocation of gas heaters, air, and oil lines. Apart from that, the exterior of the building received a branch new refresh to include painting of existing metal roof system, typical Tire Discounters red stripe around perimeter of building, new signage around perimeter of building, along with a refresh at the dumpster enclosure to include new custom fabricated metal gates. This was an open remodel so JBrennon was insistent on safety precautions to avoid any issues with staff members and traffic flow in and out of the parking lot areas. The project was delivered on time and within budget.



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