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22-066 | Centers for Disease Control (CDC) | IDIQ

Updated: May 25, 2023

Morgantown, WV | Pittsburgh, PA | Cincinnati, OH | Jan 2023 - Dec 2027

Construction projects under this contract shall be awarded by individual task orders on an as needed basis. Projects shall be in support of real property maintenance, repair, alteration, and/or new construction on three sites located in Morgantown, WV; Pittsburgh, PA; and Cincinnati, OH. The jobs may include tasks in a variety of trades such as, but not limited to, carpentry, excavation, road repair/replacement, sidewalk repair/replacement, electrical work, irrigation and water piping, drainage piping, sewage piping, sheet metal, painting, demolition, concrete and masonry, abatement tasks, granite repair replacement, welding and mechanical. Any hazardous materials resulting from the demolition shall be properly disposed of in accordance with standard industrial practices and local, state and federal standards.

Note: Stock Photo - Photographs of the site are not authorized for publication.


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