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20-017 | Oak Ridge National Laboratory | Chiller, HVAC & Electrical Upgrades

Updated: Feb 25

Oak Ridge, TN | Jun 2020 - Jan 2021

Project Description

The project comprised demolition of existing HVAC and electrical systems at Bldg. 6000 for a new isotope experimental lab. After demolition of interior/exterior existing HVAC systems to include the Air Handling Unit (AHU), JBrennon installed a new AHU on new concrete pad, a roof top exhaust fan, interior and exhaust ductwork over 5k sq ft space; concrete floor prep and epoxy coverings; new electrical conduits, heat trace wire, fire alarm wiring, and stub outs for connection to new panel installed by Owner. Hot and cold-water piping were installed and insulated from the new unit and up to second story entrance penetrating through the concrete wall to existing tie-ins.

This project required demolition of an exterior HVAC unit requiring the use of a crane. Additionally, Contractor performed industrial hygiene (IH) monitoring for Epoxy coating of interior spaces—due to the volatility and toxicity of the product applied, Contractor performed active and passive monitoring of this work daily until results conclusively proved work methods and PPE were sufficient to protect workers health and safety. Contractor with ORNL located utilities in the ground and building walls before saw cutting walls and asphalt for existing utility tie-ins and or excavations for new concrete pads.


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